Towing Service in Hayward, CA

Giants Towing has a guarantee that you will find intriguing. Whether it’s full flatbed towing or just car towing, here at Giants Towing you will always be treated like a king. Giants Towing Hayward knows that tow truck service has been given a bad wrap by those people who did not take the importance of towing service seriously. Giants Towing provides towing services through a network of independent tow truck operators, our operators are well experienced, licensed and skilled to perform any services for your vehicle.

Giants Towing – Fast And Reliable Towing Services

Sometimes a person needs towing service in the middle of the night, but at other times you may find that you need Hayward towing service for other reasons. If you have a dead battery then car towing might seem like a bit of an extreme response but if you can’t diagnose the problem then car towing from a Hayward towing service with honest pricing policies is the way to get your car safely from one place to another in Hayward. Trusting a professional Hayward tow truck service instead of towing your car yourself is important. Though light duty towing is something many people have tried to do themselves its dangerous to be your own Hayward towing service and tow your car through town.

High Quality Towing From Local Professionals

Towing service has been around since the late 1890’s when a man worked for eight hours to pull his friend’s vehicle from the river where it had been thrown in an accident. With much quicker success Giants Towing has heritage of service, and as towing service progresses and develops Hayward is lucky to have a company like Giants Towing Hayward to make sure they can get their vehicles towed safely from one destination to the next. Giants Towing has many great services to offer but towing service is the most important of all.

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