Flat Tire Change Services in Hayward, CA

In theory a flat tire change is something drivers should be able to perform unaided, we at Giants Towing know that in reality this is hardly the case. This is why we offer, among the comprehensive range of roadside assistance services, a flat tire change service unrivaled in terms of efficiency, quality of service and thanks to our honest billing policy, fair price. We provide our towing services through an affiliate network of independent tow truck operators, who will provide you with a 24/7 premier quality service.

In the early days of motoring road conditions and tire durability were such that flat tires were a fairly common occurrence. Today they have become much rarer but punctured tires are still the cause of irritating, time consuming setbacks. It is estimated that for the average driver such a setback happens every three years or so, when your numbers come up you can choose whether to try and perform a flat tire change yourself or to call in expert techs to remedy the situation for you.

Do it Yourself or Call for Assistance

For some us calling in expert techs is a natural choice, many drivers (definitely no longer women in particular) are not technically inclined and so are very reluctant to try changing the flat themselves.
Other drivers posses the hands on type of skills which render calling in experts unnecessary.
These are the extremes, most drivers are somewhere in between and so may find themselves weighing the pros and cons of the two options, do it yourself or call for a flat tire change road side assistance service.

Those who find themselves deliberating between the two options should take into consideration the advantages of allowing expert techs to perform the flat tire change for you.

The Advantages of Calling in Expert Techs

If there is no alternative many drivers, even if they do not believe at first that they could, will ultimately succeed in changing a flat tire. However, they may find that it has put them in harm’s way, took a long time, involved energy draining frustration and has left them dirty.

Giants Towing Hayward operates a 24/7 dispatch, this means we are always on standby to take your call. One of our expert, service oriented techs will be at your side in no time, wherever in or around Hayward you may be.
Our tech will then change the flat tire for you, ensuring everyone’s safety and have you back on track quicker, fresh and clean.

We offer comprehensive road side assistance services which include:
• Flat tire change
• Battery jump start
• Battery replacement
• Gas filling
• Auto locksmith services
• On and off road recovery
Any type of towing service