Top Towing Risks By Giants Towing

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Towing involves heavy forces which act upon the rig as well as both tow truck and towed vehicle. Whenever such strains are involved there inevitably are things that can go wrong if the job is not done correctly. In the past motorists would sometimes help each other out by towing… Read More »

What to Look for in a Towing Company

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Have you ever given it a thought that what all qualities you need to look for in towing company? Most of the people do not have interest in this question or its answer because they haven’t faced any satiation yet where they need to take help from a towing company…. Read More »

Robberies statistics in Hayward

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Hayward is the city of California. Like any other area it has its highs and lows. It comprises of a neighborhood with mix race. Still the difference is a wide and clear one as statistically 20% of the population is of African Americans and the rest are white. It is… Read More »