Giants Towing - About Us

Giants Towing provides towing services through a network of independent tow truck operators. We began the company with the vision of assisting as many people as possible during emergency roadside situations. We were able to achieve our goal by continually expanding our team to accommodate more clients 24/7. There is nothing worse than waiting long periods of time for a tow truck to arrive. Every minute is precious during an emergency roadside situation. That’s the reason we maintain a fast arrival policy. All work is done on the spot with a full guarantee as well.

Quick Flat Tire Change By Giants Towing

Do you need a flat tire changed at night? Changing a flat tire at night can be outright dangerous, since your visibility is greatly reduced. You might not notice the flashing headlights of an oncoming vehicle or have the necessary safety equipment to change the flat at night. Our experienced roadside technicians use bright yellow safety vests to indicate that work is being done. We also set up a red flare a few feet away from the vehicle to allow for ample safety room. We carry all the necessary safety equipment in our truck, which includes; flare lights, fluorescent safety vests, goggles to set off the flare lights, and a professional tire changing kit. We require all team members to present company ID upon arrival, so you know its Giants Towing.

The Fastest Towing Company in Hayward

Are you seeking a safer way to transport your vehicle? Our flatbed trucks offer your vehicle a level of comfort that simply cannot be matched. Flatbed trucks eliminate the old way of setting up a tow dolly to lug a vehicle around. Tow dollies leave the back wheels drooping on the road. This process can cause serious damages to your bumper if the vehicle hits a large crater or pothole. Flatbed towing preserves the mileage on the vehicle as well, since all four wheels are safely attached to the flatbed itself. Giants Towing Hayward offers a large list of towing services that includes; flatbed towing, heavy duty towing, light duty towing, medium duty towing, accident removal services, emergency towing, long distance towing and 24/7 auto lockout solutions.

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