Robberies statistics in Hayward

Hayward is the city of California. Like any other area it has its highs and lows. It comprises of a neighborhood with mix race. Still the difference is a wide and clear one as statistically 20% of the population is of African Americans and the rest are white. It is somehow sad that the crime rate in this area is a little overwhelming. Though its a very populated neighborhood but according to the latest crime map given by FBI the concentration of crime rests in the African American neighborhood.

Over the period of time the crime rate in Hayward has become quite low. Fluctuations were seen in the crime design. Previous years robberies and offensive crimes were at high rate but in recent reports violent crimes are more than the others.
The violent crime rate of Hayward two years back was higher than violent crime rate overall. It was more on average by 11.78% than the national one . The other crimes of robberies and offense were lower than the overall rate of the crimes of that sort. On average it is 11.27% lower than the national crime rate.

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According to the statistics and the crime map given by FBI the count of robberies is almost three thousand over hundred thousand people and the count of burglaries is almost ten thousand over hundred thousand people. But it is successively getting low. And yet it is still lower than a lot of other areas.

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